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I’ve written lots of viral things about lots of topics over the years so I guess that means you might like it here?

def only subscribe if you’d like to read about a gay guy and his husband and his ex-wife-best-friend and their kids. Also if you like to read about ADHD or pscyhotherapy or meditation-woo-shit or examinations of the world through a systemic lens. (My pronouns are he/they btw.)

I’m trying to keep this place as limitless as possible because certain constraints make my brain not want to do things, so if things gets weird and random and unexpected at times, that’s why. I also thrive in routines and patterns, so if things get rote and routinized and numerical that’s why.

Living in this brain of mine is a trip.


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Joshua Mayorga-Weed

Writer, therapist, educator, queer. he/they #blm